H2O communication unveils today one of its most recent achievements: the branding and the website of PROPRET.


PROPRET is a leader in the field of housekeeping and building maintenance. Seeking to modernize its brand image in order to highlight the quality of its services and trainings, the Montreal company has mandated the agency H2O communication for the creation of its new branding. H2O has also been asked to create various communication tools such as the the roll-up and the PROPRET website.


Obviously, the new branding, as well as the set of communication tools created, needed to reflect the professionalism and expertise accumulated by PROPRET during its 30 years of activity.


For the new branding, H2O Communication has proposed a completely redesigned logo. Resolutely contemporary, the new logo of PROPRET is in the image of its services : professional and highly qualified. With its solid typography, the new logo subtly suggests the field of maintenance while inspiring a modern image, reliable and dynamic. Branding also highlights human interactions related to the company’s various fields of activity, particularly with regard to social inclusion and trainings.


Also, as part of the creation of branding, blue is the color and acts as a corporate link between the various communication tools. This color symbolizes the clarity, the reliability, and of course, the area of activity of PROPRET.


In the end, H2O communication has created a branding representative of PROPRET. The branding is professional and dynamic. Indeed, the branding successfully represents the expertise and superior quality of the services of the company in the field of housekeeping and building maintenance.