H2O communication unveils today one of its most recent achievements: the branding and the website of Campus d’études supérieures techniques de Montréal (CESTM).


The Regroupement des collèges du Montréal métropolitaingave the mandate of creating the branding of its new international student training initiative to H2O communication. The aim of this marketing campaign was to create notoriety for this new program while reflecting the superior quality of the training offered. Thus, in addition to the branding mandate, H2O was entrusted with the creation of the website and all the communication tools.


In order to offer efficient and distinctive branding, H2O communication has made a strategic reflection. Through this exercise, H2O Communication has designed a professional logo and branding graphically illustrating the academic universe. Another important element of the brand image is the prominence of Montreal as an excellent student city. As Montreal is one of the best student cities in the world, the city plays an important role in the branding of the new program.


In order to improve the experience of future international students, H2O communication has created and programmed a website with intuitive navigation clearly explaining the description of each training and the steps to study at the CESTM.


Obviously, all communication tools created by H2O communication reflect the branding designed for the CESTM. Whether it is the brochure or the website, all CESTM’s communication tools are professional, dynamic and representative of the academic excellence of each training offered.


With distinctive and effective branding, the CESTM has all the necessary tools to make its new program known to targeted international student candidates. Moreover, the CESTM should welcome its first students soon. We will be keeping an eye on their development!