The website of the Pôle montréalais d’enseignement supérieur en intelligence artificielle (PIA) created and programmed by the agency H2O communication is now officially online.


As the branding created by H2O Communication was warmly welcomed during the unveiling that took place at the end of August, the PIA entrusted the mandate of the creation and programming of its website to the agency. Indeed, wishing to get a professional website that perfectly integrates its brand image, PIA chose the integrated agency at the origin of the success of its branding.


Funded by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec, PIA’s mission is to ensure a concerted response to the needs for artificial intelligence educational programs in the metropolitan’s higher education institutions. Thus, like its branding, the website reflects the professionalism and academic rigor of PIA. The website graphically illustrates the world of high technology. The site also showcases Montreal, recognized as the ultimate city for artificial intelligence. In short, as the site was created and programmed within the agency H2O communication, the site perfectly integrates the brand image of PIA.


Regarding the programming of PIA’s website, it allows an intuitive and user-friendly navigation through the many advances, initiatives, publications and events of PIA. Completely adapted to mobile phones and tablets, the PIA website has been programmed to optimize SEO.


The creation and programming team of the H2O communication agency has once again surpassed itself in order to deliver a web platform in symbiosis with the domain, the expertise and the mission of the PIA. H2O Communication is proud of this achievement, which enables the Pole to strengthen its leadership position in the field of artificial intelligence education on the Montreal scene.


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