G.M. Collin_nouvelle



H2O communication is proud to launch one of its recent realizations : the new branding of G.M. Collin.

G.M. Collin hired H2O Communication to develop their new brand image as well as their brochure, promotional bags and posters. Their goal was to emphasize the superior quality and effectiveness of their products, while reinforcing the company’s reputation. H2O Communication was also tasked with developing their graphic standards and corporate tagline.


Obviously, the new branding and all related communications tools needed to reflect the superior quality of G.M. Collin products. H2O Communication decided to use black and white photos to give their new branding an elegant and timeless look. Close-up shots allow the target audience to better identify with the brand. H2O Communication also created the corporate tagline “La recherche au service de la beauté(Research serving beauty). This signature effectively represents G.M. Collin’s scientific work looking into properties that can to improve the health and appearance of skin.


H2O created a new brand image for G.M. Collin that effectively conveys its distinctive, high-end personality. The new branding reflects the company’s expertise and the superior quality of G.M. Collin’s skincare products. The new brand image has enabled G.M. Collin to distinguish itself from the competition and enhance its reputation at several international trade shows. In fact, the new brand image developed by H2O Communication was unveiled at major industry events in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. The new esthetic was very well received by the industry at these events.We will be watching their progress!