H2O communication has chosen Mr. Louis Lanneau as a new creation intern. He comes from Belgium and is completing a four-month internship with us in graphic design/communication as part of his Master’s degree in advertising at the Institut des Hautes Études des Communications.


As part of his internship in graphic design, Louis participates in the agency’s various activities. In particular, he participates in the many creative meetings. Louis also takes part in exercises to create various communication tools such as advertising media, web content, etc.


As for the agency, Louis submitted his internship application to H2O Communication because he greatly appreciated the agency’s portfolio. Working regularly with SMEs and large companies as well as for some companies working in the field of healthy food, H2O communication’s values have guided Louis’ choice of our agency. Mr. Lanneau chose Montreal for his internship because he had already stayed there and had greatly appreciated the atmosphere of the city. He therefore chose to repeat the experience, this time for an academic stay.


After a little over 2 months of internship, Louis believes he has already learned a lot, and refined his technique on the creative software used. He particularly appreciates the design, combining creativity and technique. He already knows that he will be able to reuse these creative techniques during his future professional career.


H2O communication wishes Louis a good continuation of his internship.


In addition, H2O communication takes this opportunity to remind all local and international candidates that we receive many requests for internships in creation, marketing and communication. Like Louis, the interns we choose stand out for their enthusiasm, motivation and determination. As passionate about the field, H2O communication makes it a point to welcome and contribute to the training of the next generation.


Good luck to all of you!