Leader in the field of building restoration, St-Denis Thompson wanted to optimize its online presence. The Montreal company has decided to entrust the mandate of the management of all its social media to the agency H2O communication. Since then, the company’s social media has grown significantly!

As part of this mandate, H2O conducted an analysis to develop a comprehensive strategy for the company’s social medias. Specifically, the web objectives were to increase the frequency of publication, increase the number of subscribers and the engagement on the social platforms.

The social media strategy created by H2O communication made it possible to determine what types of content had to be published on the different platforms in order to reach and interest the target. Then, the agency created a detailed editorial calendar with content adapted to every web platform.

The agency has also optimized the configuration of all pages of the company on social media so that they are in synergy with the brand image. Then, all publications were created to highlight the expertise and achievements of the company St-Denis Thompson, while developing the employer brand.

Of course, H2O has also put in place an action plan for community management. In fact, H2O communication has allowed St-Denis Thompson to interact more with the members of its web community and strengthen its leadership position in the industry.

The implementation of the social media strategy created by H2O communication allowed St-Denis Thompson to quickly achieve impressive results. After only three months, St-Denis Thompson has almost doubled its engagement rate across all of its social medias. In addition, the company saw a 37% increase in Facebook subscribers and a 10% increase in LinkedIn subscribers.