Why is packaging important?


On average, consumers take just three seconds to choose one product over another at the point of sale. That’s why it’s so important for a product to be able to attract attention and convince the buyer in a flash. It’s also why brands focus so much on product packaging as a marketing tool. Not only does packaging protect the goods inside, it also helps a brand meet various marketing needs.


Packaging that drives purchases

Product packaging has a real impact on sales. Brightly coloured or unusually shaped boxes or bags will nab the buyer’s attention, making it more likely that they will pick it up. Once a consumer has an item in their hand, there’s a strong chance it will be chosen over rival products—provided that the packaging is informative and inspires confidence.


Packaging that strengthens your brand image

A product’s package is your brand’s representative at the point of sale. The logo, colours and design all bolster your brand’s reputation. Over time, the combination of elements on a product package leaves a lasting impression on the minds of consumers, allowing them to spot the brand quickly. A good example is the classic glass Coca-Cola bottle. Even if you remove the product name, you can still identify the brand with ease.


Packaging that boosts customer loyalty

Practical packaging can improve the consumer experience and make customers more loyal to your brand. When a package is easy to hold or does a better job of preserving its contents, it improves the overall experience and increase the chances that the consumer will buy your product again. The visual appeal of the packaging also helps promote repeat purchases. For example, some brands create special edition packaging for certain items. When the result is a veritable work of art, consumers may be interested in collecting a whole series.


One thing is for sure: creative and distinctive packaging can enhance the brand image of any product or company. Since it leads to increased sales, packaging is an important part of any marketing strategy.