Packaging, in addition to its product protection and preservation functions, has a very important role to play in a company’s marketing strategy. Indeed, packaging is the main marketing tool influencing consumer behavior directly in the store. Focus on this powerful marketing tool.


The packaging of a product must deliver a powerful and effective visual message, as it is the first impression that the customer will have of a product. In addition to its functional dimension, packaging has a sensory and emotional function: within a few seconds, it must provide clear information to trigger a purchase act. It is clear that packaging design has a direct impact on sales. For example, H2O communication has collaborated with brands that have seen their sales increase considerably following a rebranding operation at the end of which the packaging was modified. In this case, the products have not changed, only the packaging has been redesigned. Another proof that the consumer first buys with his eyes.


Various elements of the packaging can be changed, in order to seduce customers and differentiate the products from the competition on the shelves : typography, materials, printing quality, colors… All these are factors that a company needs to stand out from the competition directly on the shelves and specify its offer at a glance. For example, the company Vitapom’ was struggling with apple juice packaging that suggested products that were more artificial than natural. H2O communication has created a sleek packaging with a natural and refreshing look that stands out from the competition in store. As a result, Vitapom’ sales grew significantly.


Currently, some types of packaging are particularly appealing to consumers in stores:



It reflects the image of a “green” product thanks to its vegetal design, natural tones, the absence of unnecessary packaging, materials such as paper or cardboard… This type of packaging ideally reflects the company’s values.



This type of packaging is very modern and allows consumers to interact with the product. For example, a barcode on the packaging allows the customer to go directly to the brand’s website. Interactive packaging is powerful and remains firmly rooted in the minds of consumers.


Ergonomic design

Securing and reassuring for the customer, it clearly presents all product informations in addition to a simple and functional design.



It attracts the attention and stands out directly from the products placed nearby on the shelves. Some tones will inspire more or less positive emotions to the customer, so they should be selected carefully.



Playing on sober colours, transparency effects that reveal the product through the container, simple lines and a minimalist design, the sleek packaging continues to seduce customers and inspire the most famous brands


A packaging that attracts from the very first seconds and stays in the minds of consumers is a major factor in sales and, ideally, customer loyalty. It must be worked on with care and in harmony with the brand’s identity, reflecting its values while remaining up to date and attractive to customers.