Aloha Espresso Bar is a Hawaiian coffee shop that has just opened in Old Montréal. We had the opportunity to create the brand image and identity for this tropical spot. The welcoming café offers various local finds, like acai bowls, succulent sandwiches and coffees with uniquely Hawaiian aromas. Everything is served with an “Aloha” in a setting that sets your mind sailing to the Pacific Islands. To ensure a successful launch and an image that would stand the test of time, Aloha Espresso Bar needed original branding that would leave its mark in people’s minds. H20 Communication was brought in to create a fresh and youthful brand that would give Aloha Espresso Bar an unmistakeable visual image and signature. Our job was to come up with an outstanding visual identity that was aligned with the coffee shop’s décor. Our challenge was to balance the quality of their products with the fun and cool qualities of the café’s design.

What did we do? We produced a logo using the corporate colours and developed the signature, packaging, signage and promotional items. The branding we created was inspired by the café’s physical location and products. The result was high quality, colourful and bright! We ensured that the logo represented both coffee and the Hawaiian Islands. Since pineapple is popular in the Pacific Islands, we decided to merge this fruit with a coffee mug for a unique hybrid logo that combines Aloha’s two key symbols. The pineapple-esque coffee mug is shown in a vibrant yellow that speaks to its tropical roots. This shade of yellow was chosen for the new café’s corporate colour. Packaging was specially designed to reflect Aloha’s colour palette. Aloha Espresso Bar was an instant hit as soon as it opened thanks to the impactful and singular image produced by H20 Communications. Local media immediately sung the praises of the new establishment, with positive reviews published in popular Montreal blogs like Nightlife CA and MTL blog. There’s no doubt that this coffee shop is off to a great start and H20 Communication is pleased as (Hawaiian) punch to have played a role in its success.