5 graphics design trends to watch this year


A corporate logo has to achieve a lot of goals—and these objectives can sometimes seem contradictory at first glance. For instance, a logo should be evocative and memorable, while remaining simple. A logo should be timeless, but aligned with the latest graphic design developments. In 2018, like every year, we’ll witness various trends that will influence how logos are created or updated.

Here are 5 graphic design trends we’ll be watching this year.


Brighter colours

Even though the Pantone Color Institute crowned ultra violet as the 2018 Color of the Year, vibrant colours are still big and will certainly stay that way all year. A lot of startups are using lively tones in their logos, while established businesses are giving their existing logos a boost of bright to prove that they’re still growing and at the forefront of their fields.



The old adage “less is more” has never been more popular than in 2018. Today’s logos are minimalist. From the typography to the shapes, simplicity is the name of the game. This trend stems from the emergence of new communications platforms, which require logos to be readable and recognizable on business cards, responsive websites and mobile apps. Several major corporations, including Mastercard and Juventus, recently simplified their logos.



Color gradation made a comeback in 2017. Gradual transitions between hues are see in logo icons and typography. Colours can be warm, cold or even rainbow. The logo for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games is a great example of how colour gradation is being used.



Several brands in more conservative or high-tech fields are dropping icons altogether and opting for typographic logos. The typography is simple but memorable and full of personality. The updated Mozilla logo is a good example.


Cut-off letters

To add more kick to typography, some graphic designers are slashing off sections of letters when creating logos. This technique, which is very popular this year, not only gives strengthens the typography, it also symbolizes an open and contemporary attitude.


We expect to see all this and much more this year. A distinctive, timeless and contemporary logo is a key marketing tool for any company. For additional information or advice, just give us a shout!