H2O communication has chosen Miss Marie Hug for a graphic design internship. Marie comes from France and is completing a five months interniship, which is part of her third year at the Institut supérieur de communication et publicitéof Strasbourg. Moreover, our interne is currently preparing a Master in Marketing & Advertising.


As part of her internship in graphic design, Marie takes part in various activities of the agency such as creative meeting. She also participates in exercises to create various communication tools such as advertising media, newsletters, web publications, etc.


Marie submitted her internship application to H2O communication because she greatly appreciated the diversity of the agency’s portfolio. As an integrated agency, H2O Communication creates branding, advertising, site creation, social media and other mandates. In addition, the agency works regularly with medium and large companies working in various fields. Thus, during her internship, Marie was able to observe and take part in mandates touching all the spheres of communications, and this, for diversified companies.


After several months of internship, Marie believes she has acquired new skills that will be very useful in her future career. In addition to the new technical skills acquired, Marie is happy to have improved her speed of execution.


H2O communication wishes Marie a good continuation of her internship.


Moreover, H2O communication takes the opportunity to remind all local and international candidates that we receive many requests submitted several months in advance for internships in creation, marketing and communication. As the positions are limited, the interns we choose stand out for their enthusiasm, motivation and determination. As passionate about the field, H2O communication makes it a point to welcome and contribute to the training of the next generation.


Good luck to all of you!