Months after they were announced, the changes to Facebook’s algorithm continue to challenge community managers. The new algorithm gives priority to posts written by friends, to the detriment of business posts. In other words, content posted on business pages is less likely to appear in users’ news feeds. Here are four tips from H2O Communication to help you get around this problem, boost your impressions and stay present in news feeds.


Inform your followers

Some features allow users to see publications from the organizations they follow first, despite changes in the algorithm. All you have to do is click on the Like/Following tab to view the various options available, then select “See first.” We strongly recommend that you provide your followers with instructions on how to do this. You can choose to create an informative or creative video or text post that explains the benefits of reading your content (such as having access to exclusive information, promotions, contests, etc.).


Create Facebook groups
Since the new algorithm prioritizes content and interactions between friends, creating groups can be a very effective social media strategy. Brands can capitalize on the new algorithm by creating groups that are connected to their page. These groups offer followers the chance to discuss the publications on a page and to create a community around a brand.


Post live videos

Creating interactive content is a great way to get people’s attention and encourage them to add comments on Facebook. Live videos attract 10 times more viewers and generate significantly more comments than pre-recorded ones. The more comments and interactions your videos generate, the more the videos get seen. As a result, live videos help increase impressions for business pages—despite Facebook’s new algorithm.


Invest in targeted ads

Investing in targeted ads on Facebook is another technique that can keep business pages present in users’ news feeds, despite the changes in the platform’s algorithm. However, it’s very important that you define your target audience properly for two important reasons. First, a well-targeted ad campaign will deliver better returns on investment. And since Facebook gives priority to effective ads, content that’s properly targeted and relevant will garner more impressions.