Founded in 1994, Lunetterie Béland quickly became one of Canada’s leading eyewear suppliers for the Canadian Armed Forces. A growing business, Lunetterie Béland now has 17 branches open to the general public and serving a large part of Quebec as well as a branch in New Brunswick.


Looking to enhance its online presence and reinforce its notoriety, Lunetterie Béland has given the mandate to manage all of its social media to H2O communication. As part of this mandate, the agency first conducted an analysis to develop a strategy for the company’s social media. Specifically, the web objectives were to increase the frequency of publication, increase the number of subscribers and the engagement rate.


After analyzing the situation, H2O communication developed a web strategy to determine which were the best platforms to reach the target clientele. Then, the agency created a detailed editorial calendar with content adapted to each social media. Obviously, the content is in perfect synergy with the brand image created for Lunetterie Béland by H2O communication as part of a previous mandate. H2O has also put in place an action plan for community management. Indeed, H2O communication has allowed Lunetterie Béland to interact more with the members of its web community while reinforcing its brand image.


The implementation of the social media strategy created by H2O communication has allowed Lunetterie Béland to quickly achieve its objectives and even surpass them. In less than six months, Lunetterie Béland has experienced a 121% increase in its new monthly subscribers. In addition, the engagement rate on the social media of Lunetterie Béland has practically doubled. Furthermore, social media campaigns also generated in-store traffic. In short, this is a great for the social media of Lunetterie Béland.