Packaging is a real tool of proximity with the consumer.

Beyond fulfilling its technical functions (protection, good conservation, or storage of the product) the packaging must help the brand in its marketing strategy and make the product emerge in the shelves. More than a simple food packaging, the packaging carries the brand image. So how to make people hungry in stores?


– Environmentally friendly packaging

In a world of overconsumption, the protection of the environment and the ecosystem is a criterion of choice in the act of purchase of the consumer. Packaging design is increasingly achieved through the use of new materials such as cardboard, cork and recycled fibres. To reduce its environmental footprint, packaging is now designed to be reused or retained. It is therefore advantageous for brands to implement sustainable actions by communicating on the preservation of the environment.


– Minimalist packaging for better communication

The consumer appreciates the simplicity of packaging. Indeed, the latter is in search of clarity and does not like to get lost in an abundance of useless information. A real competitive advantage, reducing the amount of information makes the product more qualitative and reassures the consumer. What could be better than simple and minimalist packaging after a busy day of information?


Stand out with original packaging

Given the multitude of products available, the originality of your food packaging remains essential to attract the attention of the consumer. Being creative is a key point to stand out on the line. Minimalist designs as mentioned before, transparent packaging to play with the content, vintage effects or even daring colors are some of the trends to make a difference.


– Food packaging that adapts

In a society where we are always looking for practicality, packaging must follow us in our consumption patterns. Easy opening or resealable are effective marketing techniques to stand out on the shelves. Additional comforts are also assets to bring value to the product. For example, a salad that is easily transported and includes a plate or cutlery will attract the attention of the consumer. Packaging «that follows us» for an easier and adapted use.


With the growing importance of marketing, packaging no longer has only a functional and technical role. From the consumer who is sensitive to eco-packaging to the consumer who is looking for originality and who is fond of practicality, packaging must talk to the consumer. It’s because of him that your product reaches the consumer. So use your imagination, dare and create.