What is the employer brand ?

The employer brand represents a company’s image to its employees and to the outside, and includes marketing efforts to improve and communicate this image. The company’s values, its commitments, the experience it offers to the employees… are all elements that constitute the employer brand.

The objective of the employer brand is to make the company attractive as a potential employer. It should be noted that a company could be very well known, but have a bad image as an employer brand.


Why link employer brand and social media?

In order to move forward with the times, a company must keep an up-to-date and dynamic image.  Carrying messages through social media is therefore an increasingly popular practice.

These offer companies a new form of instant visibility. This is how a company with little presence on the networks will see its image deteriorate, while on the other hand, good web community management will bring it to the front of the scene.


Recruitment is one of the aspects that have radically changed since the emergence of social networks in the daily life of companies. With the democratization of networks such as LinkedIn, a well-known professional network, interested candidates can feel closer to the firms that interest them. Other networks are involved in this corporate life: While Facebook focuses more on viral messaging, such as job postings, Twitter allows for quick and intimate interaction between the company and its customers or employees. In addition, a large number of companies integrate their employees into the company’s employer brand, making them ambassadors for their firm and guaranteeing its quality. Social networks are therefore an opening to corporate life, usually closed to the public, and deeply modify hiring practices.



Appropriate management of social media

“How can I manage my social networks properly? ”

This is a question regularly asked by companies, which do not always feel specialized in this area. For this reason, social network management is a very popular service for communication agencies. A global communications agency specializing in the diffusion of messages will manage the client’s employer brand via the client’s social networks, allowing the client to focus on the services specific to his or her company. Thanks to its expertise, the communication agency will be able to target the group to be reached and will offer a detailed analysis of the networks to use.