Regardless of the type of products, packaging is a marketing tool of considerable importance. It is the first contact between the product and the consumer. Generally speaking, the purchase decision time is very short at the point of sale. Thus, the packaging must be striking and distinctive in order to seduce the consumer and lead to the purchase. This is even more true in a field as competitive as cosmetics. Moreover, in addition to attraction, cosmetics packaging must meet legal obligations and ethical considerations.

In a particularly competitive sector like cosmetics, packaging is crucial to differentiate itself from competing brands. Thus, it is imperative that the packaging reflects the quality of the product. It is also a medium to display the merits of the cosmetic product. In the particular case of cosmetics, the packaging can also be innovative in order to facilitate the use and preservation of the product. That’s why the vast majority of brands rely on agencies, designers and even stylists to create innovative, professional, attractive and distinctive packaging. In some cases, packaging becomes a real object of art. He is at the origin of the construction of the visual identity of the brand.

Cosmetics packaging is also of particular importance when it comes to high-end products. If it’s about luxury brands, the packaging is really part of the customer experience. It can then be customizable or adopt the graphic codes of luxury with a sleek style or colors such as white, black or gold.

Then, from a legal point of view, packaging of cosmetic products must meet several standards. Indeed, as it is products for the skin, face or body, the packaging must include the various components of the cosmetic product. This helps to identify potential allergens and also to ensure that substances are not harmful to health.

In addition, as the field of cosmetics has long been criticized for its lack of ethics, brands have been interested in adopting an eco-responsible commitment regarding their packaging. Indeed, in an era of environmental awareness, consumers tend to opt for products that promote eco-responsible packaging, that is to say recyclable and with the minimum of plastic packaging.

In the end, cosmetics packaging is a particularly strategic point in the field of cosmetics. It is sometimes necessary to modernize packaging to adapt to new market requirements and seduce the target audience.