For the eighth year in a row, Isabelle Boismenu, Associate and Sales & Marketing Director at H2O Communication, gave a conference in front of large audience at the Strategies PME event held last week. Precisely, the conference was about “Refreshing your branding : Do you have a 2020 corporate look? ”


Focusing on the importance of effective and efficient branding, the conference captivated businesspeople at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. Extremely generous in her presentation, Isabelle Boismenu has revealed to the public many practical tips for creating a distinctive and powerful branding. Thus, the public has learned much more about branding and its practices.


The conference raised the point that branding allows companies to distinguish themselves from the competition while developing its credibility in order to convince its target audience. To do this, a brand must communicate a clear, relevant and consistent message on all of its communication tools. This is much more effective, credible, and above all, profitable! More than just a logo, branding is the face of a business. It is the footprint, the perception that a company leaves to its potential and current customers. It is therefore imperative that the branding be positive and professional.


In addition to the conference, the integrated agency H2O Communication acted as an exhibitor at the Strategies PME trade show. Thus, visitors could come and talk with representatives of the agency to learn more about branding and other services such as strategy, advertising, packaging, websites, email marketing and advertising. social media. Visitors were also able to learn a little more about the benefits of doing business with an integrated agency.


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