For 70 years, Federal Steel has specialized in the industrial equipment sector as well as in services related to the optimization of workspaces. As a leader in its field, Federal Steel provides its clients with customized and turnkey solutions.


Wishing to modernize its brand image while optimizing its communication tools, Federal Steel has entrusted H2O communication with the mandate of creating and producing its brochure and catalog. Through its marketing tools, the company wanted to improve its communications with its current customers and reach a new potential clientele.


Obviously, the brochure and the catalog created by H2O Communication needed to reflect the superior quality of the industrial equipment sold by Acier Fédéral as well as its expertise in the field of space optimization. Thus, H2O communication proposed a design incorporating solid metal elements to evoke the solidity and reliability of the products and services of the company. Then, to reinforce the reputation of the brand, the agency took over the corporate colors of Federal Steel, namely blue and black.


Concerning the structure of communication tools, the agency has included in the brochure and the catalog clear and distinct sections presenting the Federal Steel offer. In addition, the new communication tools detail the features of the products as well as the functions and advantages of the various space optimization solutions of the company. Then, both the brochure and the catalog put forward the added values and the mission of Federal Steel.


Ultimately, the brochure and catalog has a professional and distinctive image that reflects the quality of the products and expertise of Federal Steel. In addition, thanks to the new structure of the brochure and the catalog, customers and prospects can easily find the information they need to improve the customer experience.