Branding involves a series of marketing initiatives aimed at creating an accurate representation of the brand in consumers’ minds. The company logo, marketing tools and campaigns are the physical manifestations of the brand. In order for the branding to be effective, it should be modern, distinctive and timeless. And yet, not all businesses create successful brand images. Over the years, H2O Communication has seen a lot of branding mistakes. Here are the most common.


Using too many corporate colours

When creating a brand image, some businesses go overboard with their corporate colours. Having too many shades and tones can be detrimental to your goal. In fact, sticking to just one colour allows consumers to associate that colour with the business. Using too many colours makes a brand less memorable, thereby diluting its impact and effectiveness. For example, we all automatically associate green with Desjardins and red with National Bank.


Choosing hard-to-read fonts

We often see logos with fancy designs that are impressive at first, but ultimately don’t produce an effective and memorable brand image. For example, a logo with a delicate font might seem pretty, but can be hard to read when a small version of the logo is used. For a modern and distinctive branding, businesses should choose fonts that are easy to read regardless of the logo’s size or where it appears.


Jumping on a passing trend

Including too much of a graphic trend can expose your brand to several risks. First, if the trend is very popular, several businesses may use it, meaning your branding becomes less distinctive. Second, hopping on a hot trend can make your brand vulnerable to becoming outdated quickly. Once tastes change, you’ll need to revamp your brand. Developing a streamlined and timeless brand image is your safest bet.