Launch of the branding and the packaging of Gaïos

H2O communication is proud to proceed to the unveiling of one of its new realizations today. The agency created the name and realized the branding, the packagings as well as the communications tools of Gaïos. Indeed, the company from Quebec specialized in the field of products made with fruit and cold-pressed vegetables, chose H2O communication for this important project.


The company wanted a branding that reprenseted the superior quality of its products as well as the benefits of juices and smoothies cold-pressed, while distancing itself from the competition. Thanks to this marketing operation, Gaïos also wanted to position itself as the ultimate reference in the field of the cold-pressed. So, the name and the branding had to be appealing to the distributors and the consumers.


To propose a name and an effective and distinctive branding, H2O communication realized an exhaustive strategic reflection. Thanks to this exercise, H2O communication created a name, a logo as well as a dynamic and colourful branding, representing the expertise of the company as well as its specialization in the food domain of cold-pressed fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the name and the logo, just like the visual identity and the new packagings reflect the positioning of the mark Gaïos: it’s true, it is pure, it is fresh! “.


Another important element of the brand image is the emphasis ont the mission of the company. Besides offering more nourishing and natural products, Gaïos fights against food wasting. Therefore, H2O communication createdthe descriptor: at Gaïos, we save the fruits, we press it cold and we drink it without fla-fla.

Obviously, the packagings of Gaïos and all the communications tools created by H2O communication reflect the branding realized for the mark. The bottles, the brochure, the kiosk and all the communications tools of Gaïos are dynamic and distinctive, colored.


The results of this initiative were immediate. Even before the official launch of the branding and the packagings, Gaïos had already caught the attention of several distributors. Gaïos products can be found at certain locations of IGA, IGA Extra, Rachelle-Béry and Marché Tradition, as well as all Première Moisson, Marché Tau and La Moisson outlets. Select Gaïos products can be enjoyed at the Casino de Montréal. Finally, Gaïos products are available at more than 100 fine food boutiques, independent grocers and cafés throughout Montréal.


We will be watching their progress!


N.B.:  For confidentiality reasons, this case study does not contain all the images from the initiative.