Great ad campaign for Charton-Hobbs

A few months ago, Charton-Hobbs, one of the oldest agencies in the field of wines and spirits in asked H2O communication to carry out an advertising campaign. The objective of this marketing campaign was to promote the products of four Italian vineyards through a campaign that was held in concert with the very popular chef Stefano Faita.


The advertising campaign carried out by H2O communication combined various communication tools including a newsletter, a brochure and several posters. The posters have been exhibited in various SAQ. The design of promotional visuals created by H2O communication was original and memorable. All the visuals capitalized on the reputation of the chef Stefano Faita, as well as on the beautiful landscapes of the vineyards of Italy. Also, the four Italian vineyards Beni di Batasiolo, San Felice, Pasqua and Fiol have been put forward, in order to encourage the consumer to try these delicious wines with the flavors of Italy and to remember the brands in question.


While some posters promoted a contest, others shared the delicious dishes concocted by Chef Stefano as part of his collaboration with Charton-Hobbs. Obviously, the dishes were a perfect pairing with the Italian wines of the vineyards in question. Another poster promoted a tasting event that took place at the end of March at SAQ Beaubien with Charton-Hobbs team and Stefano Faita.


Thanks to the various communication tools created by the agency H2O communication as part of this advertising campaign, Charton-Hobbs was in a very good position to promote the four great vineyards Beni di Batasiolo, San Felice, Pasqua and Fiol. Moreover, the tasting of the month of March at the SAQ was a great success.