AMY IN HEAVEN hired H2O Communication to create an ad campaign for its last concert at the Rialto Theater. As its name suggests AMY IN HEAVEN is a concert honoring singer Amy Winehouse. The goal of the ad campaign was to promote the musical performance given by singer Cathy Fried and a 20-piece band.


To develop an effective strategy for the campaign, H2O Communication performed a detailed analysis of the situation.This analysis made it possible to clearly define the overall strategy and identify the best possible positioning for the online and print ad campaign.


The agency also examined the media already used by AMY IN HEAVENbefore identifying new communication channels for effectively reaching the target audience.


After assessing all this information, H2O Communication created a professional and attractive promotional campaign designed to pique the interest of the target audience while boosting the band’s reputation. Two promotional videos were produced for the AMY IN HEAVEN concert along with several web visuals, invitations, a poster and interactive content.


H2O Communication concentrated its efforts on strategic communications channels, such as social media, various online platforms and posters, to bolster the campaign. This included a Facebook and Instagram marketing initiative.Then the agency monitored the media strategy’s processes and effects to ensure the campaign was as successful as possible.Posters were put up in key entertainment venues, cafés and shops.


The promotional campaign developed by H2O Communication generated a significant amount of interactions. The promotional videos were viewed more than 4,000 times, while the ad campaign generated more than 65,000 visits to the event page and reached more than 150,000 people. As a result of this campaign, AMY IN HEAVEN doubled its number of followers and its engagement rate.