Each year, new marketing trends emerge to adapt to changing purchasing behavior. New technologies are accelerating these changes in the mode of consumption. Businesses need to stay alert to marketing trends if they want to maintain or improve their performance. With this in mind, here are the marketing trends that companies should adopt in 2020.


User experience on the web
If in-store customer experience is at the heart of a 360 marketing strategy, customer experience is now also important on the web. Websites must be designed to encourage the act of purchase. The interface must be pleasant and facilitate access to the information sought by the consumer. In addition, the web is becoming a new platform for optimizing after-sales service. Chatbots and community managers will have to take extra good care of customer requests on social media as well as websites to maintain the reputation of the brand.


SEO and voice assistance
Voice assistance devices are increasingly present in our homes. In 2020, 50% of digital searches will be made through voice assistance. Thus, companies must take into account this new factor to remain visible on search engines. Thus, in addition to traditional SEO, a voice SEO strategy is to be put in place to ensure optimal presence via voice assistants.


Informative Podcasts
Podcasts are a new way to interact with your community. More qualitative than traditional social media publications, they help establish a long-term relationship. This new means of communication is perfectly adapted for transport. This informative content also remains visible on the web thanks to Google and to Spotify.


Regain confidence
In recent years, consumers have become increasingly suspicious of brands and their marketing strategies. The recovery and use of their personal data for commercial purposes may reduce confidence in businesses. Therefore, brands should seek to adopt a more ethical and transparent behavior while producing a qualitative marketing content.


This list is an overview of the marketing trends that will inevitably mark the year 2020. Companies have a strong interest in integrating these practices into their overall strategy over the next year. If you want more information or if you want advice on how to apply these practices to your company, do not hesitate to contact us.